Seasons and Syntropic World

In my part of the world our seasons are simple. Summer and winter, with very few shades of autumn or spring.

At this time of year, as the days are shorter, we get the most amazing weather. Winter for us is fresh mornings and sunny warm days. Blue, blue skies and incredible sunrises.

Other parts of the world do not have seasons at all. They are either equatorially hot or polar chilled.

Four seasons as a norm is contextual.

Yet the ebb and flow of cycles occur in the subtext. Whales from the arctic migrate to warmer waters to breed. Birds travel incredible distances to do the same.

Life turns and cycles. Indeed, life spirals towards eternal emergence.

Often we humans forget this. We ignore the seasons, just as we ignore the larger patterns of cycles. We consider life some artefact of linearity. Goals, budgets, calendars and endless haste towards something.

Seasons create a frame for a Syntropic Life. Know when to plant, when to harvest, when to lay fallow, and when to prepare. Consider the cycles within cycles. The patterns of age, family, and business. All different. Yet intertwined.

Seasons and Syntropic World. A metaphor for life and business.

Photo Taken May 21st 2023