Seeing Space

We have been trained to see things and not the space in between. Yet the space in between is often where the richness lies.

The space in between lovers is filled with desire, love, anticipation, heat, care, excitement and the agony of waiting.

The space in between those in conflict is filled with stories that may or may not be true, with judgements, unmet expectations, pain, anger, loss, despair.

The space in between trees is filled with dappled light, a network of intertwining leaves and roots, an ecology of life both obvious and microbial.

Consider your hand…do you see your fingers? Do you also see, with the same clarity, the spaces between your fingers that contribute to everything your hand and fingers can do?

When we look at an issue we see the things, the events, the issue. Perhaps if we trained ourselves to see the space in between, the tension in relationships, the ebbs and flows of energy/money/communication, the emotions and expectations, the way we respond to, engage with, nourish and nurture or neglect…we might approach the issue differently.

Our future world might be filled with astounding technology and AI, but the spaces between are where the human story is told.

Let’s have a conversation with the spaces as if our lives depended upon them…(and perhaps they do.)

September 6th 2019

Photo Taken September 5th, 2019, by Tony