Seeing the obvious

Is one of the most challenging things to do. What we hold close and familiar is, by nature of its geometry, too close to see from another perspective.

We can see the blindspots in others but fail to see our own. It is one of the many reasons the world is in an escalating place of hypocrisy.

It takes one person who arrives with a different perspective, a different worldview, to shine a light on what we could not see. 

But first, we need to be open to hear. And then to consider that what they see has some truth.

For someone who holds a different aspect of experience to walk into your enterprise and state an obvious truth that till that moment you had been blind to, is to realise the limitations of our own singular capacity.

To be surrounded by people who you trust to point out the obvious, including the obvious about our own behaviour – the good, the bad and the ugly – is to be willing to place ourselves and our enterprise into a crucible that refines the purity of our expression.

Hence the requirement by design for coaches, diversity of opinion, and the safe spaces for these conversations to occur.  

The need to seek disruption of opinion, experience and feedback is not a nice to have, but an essential element towards syntropy, our own development as leaders, and enterprises that stay relevant while leading the future.

September 27th 2019

Photo taken September 27th, 2019