There are millions of people whose craft is delivering high value professional services. And there are a small number of people who are very skilled at the ability to introduce, market and create business.

For over two decades now I have seen the opportunity for there to be a wonderful and rich exchange between these two, where everyone wins…

If you are the person that can build grow and nurture relationships, see opportunity and make the sale, if this is your amazing skill set, then I have been looking for you forever.

Here is an add I wrote some time ago…….

You are someone who loves to promote and sell and you do this with excellence
However, you really only want to do this with products and services that you genuinely love.

And rather than work for one company, you would like to be involved with several start up businesses with a global focus and massive opportunity. These companies are complimentary and non competitive.
You either already have very strongly established global relationships or you are fearless in your ability to connect with people world wide.
You are values and mission driven, have high integrity, excellent follow up and follow through. People can count on you being your word.
You are a natural networker and connector.
You know how to use technology and social media to build real and sustainable relationships.

This is a commission only role, however you have the opportunity to be very well rewarded  with every sale, as well as other incentive offerings. We are interested in a long term mutually valued relationship where all parties feel the value exchange is right in the sweet spot.
The initial offer is being made by two start up companies with solid backing and global ambitions. Their products and services are world class, but rely on someone to ensure attendance to events and introductions to major players.
We see this as a partnering opportunity versus an ‘at arms length’ relationship.

If this is of interest to you please get in touch.

Photo Credit:  Chris Ford via Compfight