Seeking Light

All life needs light. Natural light from the only nuclear reactor the Earth needs. Our Sun.

Consider how much of your daily hours are spent in natural light. 

Conversely how much of your day is spent in artificial light and light from screens?

It is possible that our vibrant health is in part a condition of natural light exposure. To witness a sunrise daily is not simply a Soulful experience, it nourishes cells, our biology…we humans in some way photosynthesise light into the energy of aliveness.

Natural light, food that is close to Source and in season, being outdoors as much as possible…these conditions promote health, aliveness, vibrancy.

In some areas of the world, this takes a commitment. 

Most everything that matters takes a commitment. 

The choice – aliveness or dullness? Get outside, no matter the weather, wake early, turn your face to the sun. 

May 15th 2019

Photo taken May 15th, 2019