Seeking map makers and wayfinders

The frontier is my happy place. Not knowing the path. Embracing the new, taking baby steps, literally. Wobbly, maybe-I-will-fall steps. Getting up again. Often being out on the frontier alone, or with a small team. Familiar with the isolation, finding comfort in the darkness before dawn.

Frontiers and pioneering, holding a vision for something as yet unseen or experienced by others – these elements intersect with my best expression – an expression that only reveals itself right on the edge.

If you love the frontier, if you respond with an arising brilliance when the maps are blank, then Syntropic World might provide a field of play. We are seeking map makers and wayfinders. As well as those intrepid souls who want to contribute as we write new maps, create new language and build a better world.

The final Syntropic Enterprise Masterclass for 2023 is enrolling now. We commence next week. 

Photo Taken September 10th 2023