Seeking Relevance

For what? 

Fame for fame’s sake speaks only to absence.

To be relevant is to be helpful. To lighten or lessen a current issue.

Those of us who occupy the edges might be relevant to those who are drawn to the edge.

Or…we might shine a light on a possible aspirational future that invites a deep respect for Earth and all of her creatures. In so doing we create a space, a tension, between what is and what might be.

The edge dwellers might consider the story they tell, a counterfoil to the current story of win/lose, widening polarity, domination and competition. 

Universal truth is like the sun. It is hard, eventually, to ignore its beauty and generosity.

Be relevant with your words. Be relevant with your consistent persistent actions towards that aspirational future. 

If we do not seek for the good, the true and the beautiful, then what?

June 2nd 2019

Photo taken June 2nd, 2019