Seven tools for responding to sensitive geopolitical issues

Last night we wrapped up the Dare to Care Workshop. There was a robust conversation, something I adore, about gradients of truth when dealing with hyper-sensitive geopolitical issues.

You might find the following useful.

  1. Go back to Source. To understand anything, we need to go back to the Source Idea. The place the belief, ideology, tool, or political party was started. Read the documents. Hear what the founders said. The Source Idea carries the seed, the Pattern Integrity, of the idea. If the Source Idea has the seeds of violence, then violence is integral to the ideology, belief or tool.
  2. Check yourself for any charge you might have. This is the principle behind Clean Communication, one of the foundational tools in Syntropic World. If you have a charge you are responsible for that charge. Is the charge serving you and the best of humanity? Or is the charge enabling violence in your heart? Violence that can be projected on others.
  3. Are you of an OPEN, ARRESTED or CLOSED mindset? When we are open, we are willing to listen, to be wrong, to find out our truth was partial. When we are arrested, we can be cynical, which is wise in today’s world of propaganda, yet we are also cautiously open. Closed is an unworkable condition. Being closed is to be a fundamentalist. A flat refusal to consider any other option. If you find others who live in a fundamentalist mindset, like the Taliban and their regard for women, then check the places where fundamentalism lives in you.
  4. Stay in the question, Is my response and actions towards an increased well-being for all life? Or am I evoking violence?
  5. Consider where the victim story lives in you. This can be very subtle and carried through generations. Unreconciled victims very often become perpetrators of the very thing they feel victimised by. As if they have the right to do this to others. This becomes hypocrisy writ large. 
  6. Speak about behaviours and be a stand for all humanity rather than attacking a person or tribe. 
  7. Check, always, your sense of superiority. Do you feel superior in any way to the other? If you do, get off your platform and stay offline until you find humility. Superiority over others is the Source Idea behind all atrocities.

The terrain is fraught, particularly when speaking up about atrocities becomes a crime, and the speaker is cast as being a ‘something’ for speaking. (Racist, anti-this and anti-that). This type of accusation, while in some instances can be true, is the weapon of choice for perpetrators seeking to justify their violence.

The moment people are silenced for speaking about actions taken to destroy sections of humanity and life, is the moment we all must speak more. 

Photo Taken December 14th 2022