Sharing the load

Let us name and honour those businesses and people who recognise that we are indeed all one. That when my brother or sister suffers, even though they are not my blood, I too suffer.

Now is the time to either be the lizard reflex of I win, you die. 

Or, to know that if my hand helps you, I am helping me and you and our collective future.

As fear bites do we contract and hoard, take, exploit? 

Or do we know that if we all take a little hit, the hit is the very same flattened curve that we are seeking to defer in our social distancing?

Do companies who have profited off the backs of workers giving their all decide overnight that their workers are nothing but a line item on a balance sheet that is now in the red?

Perhaps there is another way? Perhaps a company might invite an honest conversation with all their people. This is the situation. We are all in this together. What do we do to ensure we share the load, the cost, the way through?

This is the leadership we crave. Open. Honest. Collaborative. Invitational. Treating people as human beings, respectfully, in a dignified manner.

This might call on the better angels of our nature. It might defer the reptilian response of flight or fight.

It is also time to name those companies that have profited most and not paid through their taxes, or tax-funded R@D, and are the most likely to throw their people to the wolves the instant things go wobbly.

To call out…enough. The win-lose game is behind us now. We get to emerge through emergency, to become better for being tested.

We humans have the capacity for so much more. For Earth and ALL of her creatures.

This is our test. Let us lead. Be Syntropic. Leave everything we touch better.

PS. Please let me know the names of those companies you see/experience that are doing the right thing so they can be honoured.

Photo taken March 16th, 2020