Shut down and hollowed out

I was speaking to someone this week and asked if they had ever had a relationship with anyone where the relationship was safe enough for them to express their vulnerability.

They said no. No one. Four decades of living, and no deep intimate human connection. Only superficial.

This is heartbreaking to me. 

This person appears to be successful in the Western definition of success. They fit the white male category of the superior race narrative, which has been writing the script for the past thousand years.

This is a consequence of the Molochian system, which feeds on extraction to extinction, exploitation, colonisation, and winner-take-all. 

Even those who might appear to profit are suffering. Only those at the very top care less. 

I watch the alarming statistics on mental health, suicide, and opioid addiction.

The very structures of our existence hollow us out.

It is no wonder people are so angry. At least anger allows us to feel, in a system designed to paralyse all feeling.

I do not support cruelty, violence, racism, superiority or hatred. Yet, as a Course in Miracles says, anything that is not love is a cry for help. 

Humans under Moloch, the superorganism, are crying for help.

Photo Taken November 23rd 2023