Signal and noise

We are awash with noise and distraction. 

In the TV series adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s wonderful American Gods, the God Media is everywhere, always, all at once. Sensory, physical, emotional and spiritual overload. This is our life unless we work to reject it and unplug.

The noise of false Gods of fame, peddling their propaganda, the Sorcerer’s deft hand of distraction casting spells over the majority searching for significance in the wrong places.

The art of war is to keep conquered and keep divided. Yet we do not see the game played on us.

The signal is lost in the noise. Deliberately. 

Confusion, drama, distraction and division are the tools of the trade of power.

We must learn to listen for the signal as if our lives depend upon it. 

The signal that tugs at us from deep in our gut. The signal from Mother Earth. The signal from the oceans, trees, and animals. The signal from our history, begging us to pay attention.

The signal for integrity. Action. Boldness. Courage. 

Stop. Listen. Feel. Allow the signal to speak. Turn off the noise.

Photo Taken July 28th 2023