Simple communication so often neglected

To let people you work with, play with, know…I’ll be there. Here is what I can do. Here is what I cannot do.

Here is what I promise.

Here is how I work best. I am not so good at this. I need help with that.

It’s called managing expectations. 

Because most everyone has an expectation of us. 

Have we asked them what it is?

If we have not, then it is a crap shoot as to whether we can meet their expectations or not. 

To lead is to know…to not assume…what the expectation is.

And to then be sure we have a conversation about how we are able to meet that…or how we might need to renegotiate.

It begins with thinking about the experience of the other.

Simple communication, so often neglected. 

Photo taken January 30th, 2020