Simplified Problems and Solutions

Humans love problem-solving. Yet the truth is that most of the time the problem/solution ecology creates a reflexive impulse.

A reflexive impulse is just that. A reflex. Enacted without thoughtful comprehensive consideration.

Before we jump into solutions…perhaps instead understand the problem. As in really understand it. Know the history, bring in a diversity of people affected by the problem, listen…and listen again. 

Listen to your own judgements. Know your own blind spots. Be very wary of the ‘expert’ response, even if it is yours.

Bring in a diversity of people to solve the problem. Apply the law of synergy, where one plus one might equal one thousand.

Stand in the future where the problem is solved. What is evident? What problems might the solution beget? (It will surely do this.) Are the new problems the ones you want? Do they negate the initial problem? Or do they create more problems than you started with?

This is not an easy process. It requires rigour. Comprehensive thinking. Radical honesty. Community. Robust debate and disruptive processes. Conflict and disagreement.

It is also creative and messy and joyous for those who love inhabiting the question a problem asks.

Be aware of the reflexive solutions. Pause, step back…repeat.

June 14th 2019

Photo taken June 14th, 2019