Situational Context

Bespoke – made to fit – designed for circumstance – working on the edge of emergence.

These are the skills required to thrive in our now and future Universe.

If 2020 teaches us anything it is that humanity is in a state of accelerated acceleration, where what happens tomorrow, or in the next hour, is unforeseen.

Therefore to be able to respond to what arises with curiosity, an open mind and heart, the willingness to not force an agenda or model onto something, rather to inquire into what the situational context requires, what is needed that is fit for purpose, how to remunerate and recognise contribution that is honouring and Syntropic and not extractive and exploitative.

Project by project-based, moment by moment, adaptive, able to dance and flow, always comprehensively considerate and respectful of the whole.

For those of us who find living on the threshold of change and uncertainty stressful, those of us who require fixed structure and a certain road map, and linear step-by-step progression, perhaps design elements of this into our personal life. The disciplines of a morning or evening routine.

But to force this type of rigid structure onto the way we respond to problems, design solutions, build enterprise, invite participation, recognise contribution, is the way of the past.

Embrace the dance, find constancy in emergence, recognise the thread – the central evolutionary purpose – that runs through the whole.

Novelty is beautiful. Just like the sunrise.

May 17th 2020

Photo taken May 17th, 2020