Slowly changing the needle

Watching as men in positions of power are being brought to their knees, and hopefully imprisoned, for the exploitation of women, brings me a grateful sense of change.

In my younger years, as a single attractive, woman, I knew the predatory nature of many men. To be clear, a particular type of man, who was raised on the belief that they were stronger, smarter, and had more rights than women. This included the right to take when they wanted, how they wanted. I know and love many men who stand beside me and other women, comfortable in their identity without belittling mine.

This position of superiority over women is alive and well. It will take a long time if ever, to break the back of this belief. It saturates religion. It is woven deep into many cultures.

The path to change is incredibly hard. To speak up against acts of violence and exploitation is to enter the arena of hate and ridicule, a relentless spew of horror. Many choose to remain silent. Every level of society is stacked against those who have been exploited and speak up. 

And for the public, the whiplash for many. No – he is a good man. No – he could not have done that. And then every shade of defence ongoing. Wilful denial with no possibility of being wrong in their assessment.

The predator is often in plain sight. Right in front of my parents when he forced his tongue down my 11-year-old throat. They had no idea.

There are some women who play the victim game, who will throw truly good men under the bus out of their cesspit of nasty. They are the exception.

Slowly changing the needle requires steady, repeated action to bring attention to this issue. The process is hard and vicious. This type of change always is. We must keep going, knowing that when those we are exposing arc up venomously, we are getting close to the other side.

Photo Taken September 18th  2023