Small actions repeated

It takes an average of 40,000 steps to run a marathon. 42.175 kilometres. 

At the start of a marathon, you do not think about 40,000 steps. Or 42.175 KM.

You think about the next step. Or the first kilometre. 

All great things are built by starting, taking the next step, and continuing.

Of course, this can work in the positive and the negative.

We can build the Sagrada Familia, or we can build politics of lies. 

All with small actions repeated.

Yesterday, after three years of small actions repeated, I managed to ride a midsize surfboard. 7’20. 

Even better, there was a moment when I was completely surrounded by about ten dolphins, so close I could have touched them, the water crystal clear. 

The journey to here, which is still beginning, has been fun, frustrating, up, down and crazy. 

Like life. Like building, growing or developing anything.

Photo Taken December 17th 2023