My world is filled with passionate people who want to change things. The disruptors. The business heretics.

My life long teacher, R.Buckminster Fuller, dedicated his life to building models to make the world work for 100% of humanity. Many of us toil away, looking at the big problems we face as humanity….economic, environment, energy, scarcity….trying to create solutions.

What has always fascinated me is the small acts, the seemingly insignificant acts that have lead to a cascade of change that few would have predicted.

In our metaphors for change we have on the one hand Archimedes who invented the lever….if it is long enough it can move the world.

And on the other hand we have precession. Anything that moves has precession. (An effect at 90 degree’s to the original movement.) Take an object and spin it, and it creates precession. If you are stuck, then movement for no other reason than to move will create precession….in other words something will happen at 90 degree’s to the direction of your movement.

When we spin a top there is a part of it that is still. The core, around which the top spins. To introduce even an atom just outside the core of that spinning top will disrupt the whole movement and the top will wobble. The wobble is change.

The question is….what is the atom equivalent, and where and how do we place it?

In our personal life we can all find an atom, a something, that lead to a cascade of change. The one teacher. The three words over heard. The death of someone or something. The NO when we wanted a yes. The yes when we didn’t know we wanted a yes. Those juicy kapwow moments that come from left field and have us change our course.

I am interested in collecting the stories of these small actions, small incidents, that lead to big change in the world. Would you help me? Please share stories, point me to links, remind me of history…where seemingly very small acts of something lead to big change.

Why? Because I believe that it is the way we need to go…that to toil at the heavy lifting is not the most effective. The most effective is inserting the atom at exactly the right time into exactly the right spinning system to produce a wobble.


Photo credit. Korey L via Compfight