Small creatures

I received a call early this morning that Milly, our little dog, was very sick, her back legs not responding and very lethargic.

As I was driving home, I distracted myself by turning on the news.

What Israel is doing to the people of Gaza is horrific. The world should be condemning them with full force. Children, limbless, and orphaned, are unable to be cared for because the medical staff are trying to attend to the wounded. 

On what planet is this acceptable? For surely, the moment we accept it, we become monsters. 

Where is my government? Toothless. Cowering behind the inevitable confrontation from a cold-blooded opposition leader who applauds Israel and warns Australia constantly about the African gangs and the boat people. 

How are we humans so cruel? So filled with hate and righteousness. So many of my Jewish friends and colleagues are crying out against the actions of Israel. 

The small creatures, children, animals. Adults are here to protect and care for them.

But no, collateral damage in the face of some grand cause or rabid desire for wealth and power.

Animals made extinct by climate change, forest destruction, and ocean toxification. All for what? 

My heart couldn’t take it anymore. The horror of men’s actions. And the fear of losing my little furry friend.

Fortunately, Milly, the dog, is OK. She has a few issues and is getting old. 

But the children of Gaza. They are not OK. 

The animals are not OK. 

This means we are not OK. 

Humanity. NOT OK.

I feel helpless. Lost in the immensity of everything.

Accepting this state as the process it is. To feel it all. 

Knowing that soon, this state will change, and I will feel resourceful once again.

Photo Taken December 6th 2023