Small Pleasures Big Effects

I have been injured and so my usual running has not been possible.

Whenever this happens I appreciate the ability to walk. And when I finally get back to running, I appreciate the ability to run, all be it very slowly because of loss of fitness.

I enjoy the feeling of being unfit, because I am at least running.

And then I enjoy the feeling of running faster because I am able to.

I love that my feet carry me. And the feeling of stopping after the effort.

Actually, I love the whole mess of it. I am alive and moving. I am in a country where I can do this safely, where I can dress in whatever running gear I like. There is ample clean drinking water. And an ocean to fall into afterwards.

Small pleasures looked for, noticed, received in gratitude, count towards happiness. Indeed, small pleasures found in the ordinary of life make life beautiful.

Perhaps today seek a myriad of small pleasures in the ordinary as a focus?

January 15th 2019

Photo Taken January 15th, 2019