Solving our home planets problems

It might be time for an honest conversation.

What is the primary purpose of your effort, your enterprise, your work in the world?

If it is to make money/profit at all costs, then declare that. If it is for the accumulation of power and status, declare that. If it is to get a return on investment to those who hold you ransom, declare that. 

If you seek to solve our home planet’s problems, the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals, declare that. Know that in the declaration there is a price. If you achieve your objective, you/your enterprise becomes obsolete. You/your enterprise cannot use the very models of finance, metrics, growth, reporting, governance that got our home planet into its current state.

Capitalism is not going to solve our home planet’s problems. Let go of the pretence that it will. Stop calling yourself a business for good when you bow to the master of capitalism. 

Our home planet is in a state of emergency. As occupants on Spaceship Earth, we humans, the perpetrators, are also in emergency. 

It is past time we emerge through emergency. New models, new maps, new systems, new ways of engagement are required. 

This is the frontier. Are we able to sit in the impossible questions that will enable transformative innovation towards a world with a future? Or shall we default back to the easy path, the one that got us here?

Doubt you matter? Ask Greta Thunberg what a difference a human can make.

Photo taken May 5th, 2019