Some ideas about the future of politics

A few days ago I wrote questioning if there is any redemption for politics.

My opinion is no. The current political system of Western Democracy needs to be blown apart. It is likely to blow itself apart, through the channel of rogue actors seizing power, re-writing the rules to keep them in power, and then becoming hated by the people who voted for them as they remove opportunity, access and rights across the field. 

What is possible to be seeded in its place?

The ground of any strong democracy, where people decide the future of their collective, is universal, extraordinary, citizen-driven education. No private schools. No elite class. Education about life, health, being a responsible citizen, thinking long-term and systemically, sense-making and considering others. Respect, diversity, multiculturalism. Young people would be required to spend some of their time in service to their community, supporting necessary initiatives like elder care, the environment, and disaster management. To learn that being a citizen is not a free ride. I am an advocate for quality free education. An educated citizenship creates prosperity.

The second important element is an independent and rigorously honest fourth estate. Media that does not depend on money to keep it well supported.

With our technology, especially technology like blockchain, we can have 100% transparency around all political funding and government spending. Any political campaign is publicly funded, no one is given more funds than another.

All people can vote on issues through education and invitation using technology. 

We would only need politicians to steward the supra-infrastructure that supports our society. There would be no career politicians. The role itself would be paid, but without the ridiculous perks that come with it. People would want to take on the role incentivised by the community, not money or payment into some endless future.

The global technofeudal enterprises that dictate to the political class must be broken up. (This may need to be step one, as unless this happens, the rest is unlikely to.)  

Our technofeudal and capitalist systems need to be replaced with a Syntropic system. In service to all life, long-term.

Is this possible? We must want it and build it as the current supra-structures crash and burn.

Photo Taken December 13th 2015