Sometimes it is too much

To take in. 

Massive change comes with the need to re-order our nervous system.

This is not like turning on a light switch. Rather, it is a calibration that requires time, re-weaving, integration.

Be kind to yourself if a significant change is your current experience. Sip from the cup, taste, reject that which you do not desire, and say yes to that which you do.

The sorting process is an agreement we make with ourselves about what we can now choose as our life progresses.

Do we need to carry forward that which has left scars on our Soul? Or is it time to call the past done? To choose instead that which honours you.

Sometimes it is too much to take in. The fullness and power of the life emerging.

Breath. Your Soul has infinite capacity. Allow it time to expand to the feast on offer.

August 19th 2019

Photo taken November 12th 2015