Source Idea

As creative beings, we are animated to action constantly. If the animating force is strong enough we will get up, make the call, clean the room, do the budget, build a business, convene an event, run a marathon.

To counter the animating force we accumulate, over our lifetime, fears, experiences and stories that stop us in our tracks. A young child knows only the impulse. The counterforce is not necessarily bad as it has the capacity to save our lives. We do not want the impulse for discovery to take the child into the path of a moving car.

When a Source Idea lands in our being and moves us to act, by its nature it carries emotion. E-motion. Energy to act.

If this Source Idea is strong enough, it will carry us to do things far bigger than our individual separate selves. It will get us to traverse the canyons of doubt and fear. To stay in the most difficult questions until the impossible improbable solution arrives.

Our role is to steward the Source Idea into existence in a way that expresses its magnificent potential while maintaining its unique Pattern Integrity.

To do this requires communion with the Source Idea and its Pattern Integrity. To build a team of mentors and guides who will hold you to your centre when the path wobbles. 

To trust that the path will be revealed, just in time, if you stay true. 

It is glorious, wholehearted, at times terrifying.. work.

Great art is evidence of a truthful expression of the Source Idea and Pattern Integrity, with us the Stewards, the vessel of delivery.

Photo taken April 5th, 2019