Sovereignty and agency

Self Sovereignty is the authority to rule over self, to rise above the small self and hold the power of your all-wise, all-knowing self. To not be distracted by the parts of you that insist on being defensive, righteous, petty or cruel.

To give sovereignty to another is to declare that they have the ultimate power to decide and that, in the process, they have access to all the knowledge required to make an informed decision.

Sovereignty is a holding space for the whole to be in existence, gifted with the potential and right to choose.

Agency is active. To be agentic is to drive, lead, conduct, manage, perform and do. 

To be in agency is to create the field for action and movement, unencumbered by another’s dictates, given sovereign choice on the path of action.

Agency requires the gift of sovereignty. 

August 23rd 2019

Photo taken August 21st, 2019