Spaces of Disappearance

To find spaces and places where the noise stops. Where effort is dropped. Where we dip into the pool of no-thingness.

It can be a long run in the forest, surfing the waves at dawn, playing with children, dancing to music, falling into our art.

We need to disappear to ourselves and the world as a practice. In our disappearing, we find treasures lost. Ideas shape. Dreams kindled. Possibility opens. All that is not our heart dissolves.

Yet spaces of disappearance can be dangerous. In a crowd, we might feel unseen. We might live a life of the disappeared. Those marginalised, seen as less than. 

Many of us have felt this. Be that the voice of a woman in a room full of alpha males, the voice of the young speaking to their elders, the voice of justice speaking to the cruel, the voice of difference in any way speaking to sameness. 

Spaces of disappearance as mighty medicine and as intractable suffering.

To see the polarity is to respect the space and its offerings.

Photo Taken March 2nd 2019. Snapper Rocks

Photo taken March 2nd 2019