The room to breathe.

Nothing to do, nowhere to go.

The human form of winter. Essential to healthy existence.

Spaciousness enables our being to become vast. To unshackle from the to-do list. To cross the ocean of imagination.

To be mesmerised by the night sky.

Our resistance to spaciousness might be a sign that there is something within us that needs attending to. That something that will wake us at 2:23AM, persistently. Impossible, finally, to ignore. A call to a hidden truth. A larger lived life. The perpetuation of a lie we have inhabited for too long.

Cultivating spaciousness daily, going against the culture of busy busy busy, enables us to be bigger than a confined-by-always-doing-something life.

We become the ocean, the sky, the source of creativity.

July 6th 2018

Photo Taken September 17th 2015