Speaking differently

We know more of the same gets more of the same.

Yet we do more of the same. Someone said this was a definition of insanity.

Or foolishness.

Cultural change happens when we stop arguing well and start speaking differently, particularly in a world that is under an almost unbreakable spell.

We can change how we show up in every situation. This has always been our power, so often forgotten. 

When we change how we show up in relationships, conversations and debates, the outcomes will be different. It is impossible not to be. Our difference of being changes the field.

This is our choice in every moment. Do we speak from more of the same? Do we argue well into an unwinnable argument? 

Or do we speak differently and invite a shift through that difference?

Cultural and collective trances cannot be broken unless we learn the art of speaking differently.

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Photo Taken November 22nd 2022