Speaking Truth 

When we see the level of failed leadership globally, built on lie after lie, lies we know are lies, we might ask, “How did my actions or inactions create this?”

This is the only question that enables us to make a different set of choices as it puts the power for change back into our hands. 

There is no ‘other’ coming to rescue us. The hero myth is dead. Our modern media machine thinks otherwise with the Super Humans forever saving us from the big bad threat. 

We have to be the hero, each and every one of us. 

It doesn’t require big acts, although those who can pull off big acts are welcome.

It starts with the simple, and often most difficult act of all.

We need to speak the truth. Name it. Call out the lies we tell ourselves. Hold those we love to a higher order when we see them playing small. Not from righteousness, but from love and service to them.

We need to call out the lies others tell. Consistently. Tenaciously. Publicly. Absent shaming, absent violence. 

We need to have people in our lives who love us enough to call out our own lies. We need the ability and capacity to listen to them and consider they might see what we cannot.

This is hard work. We need to get over ourselves. We need to dare to care enough about the other to call them to their best. Care more about them than what they might think of us. 

If there is a recipe to change the world towards the good, the true and the beautiful, this is one sure place to start.

April 8th 2019

Photo taken April 8th, 2019