Speak the Truth


A simple seven-step process to prepare yourself to have the most difficult conversation, enabling dignity, healing and possibility where none previously existed.

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Transform even the most toxic relationship back to neutral ground. Reignite respect, trust, care, understanding and love.

Relationship issues…we all have them. The class of relating skills is called the school of hard knocks.

It doesn’t have to be that way. This powerful little ebook provides a road map to rich, clean and open relationships in life, and business.

The 7 step process of Speak the Truth will

  • allow relationships that seemed forever broken to heal
  • find a pathway to compassion where only anger and upset existed
  • support the healthy navigation of complex territory such as negotiations for emotionally charged issues~ salary increases, divorce settlements, intimate partner upsets…

During the 7 Step Process of Speak the Truth you will

Learn how to take a stand for yourself
No longer play small
Ask for what you want
Move beyond anger, fear, frustration
Uncover your own self-deception
Move from ego-centered righteousness to a genuine willingness to listen and serve the other
Access humility
Evolve your own perspective
Find a sense of inner peace
Move from blame and victimhood to grounded and self-empowered
Enhance your own self-esteem
Find the diamond in the pain
Create a field of grace for you and the other
Be real in a conversation where you may have fear or nervousness, and still be able to say what needs to be said
Express the fullness of who you are and what really matters to you
Evolve your own personal mastery
Enhance your ability for conscious communication

What People are Saying

 Making that your main game and everything falls effortlessly into place.

“I cannot stop thinking about this. It matters not who is right and who is wrong. It’s the ability to relate with compassion. How we cannot hear somebody when they are coming from anger because we react to this. Or they cannot hear us when we come from anger. Or when truth is uttered-and a REALISATION felt, there IS a silence. This is REAL communication.”

Julie Rouse, Brisbane Australia

“Speak the Truth is timely, imperative and brilliant.

“I saw how in truth I had no idea of what was truly going on and that there were many possibilities other than the ones I had created.
As such the process took me very quickly to a place of true compassion for the person I was feeling in conflict with and a “looking forward” to connecting with him instead of fear and dread..”

Gail Moore, USA

“This has been a huge help to me

“The biggest single learning I had was to be very careful not to create stories around what I think or believe to be so about another person or their position but rather do the deep work of this process and then reach out and connect (with the Truth)..”

Natalie, Australia

“After a hiatus of 3 long years, I’m finally communicating with my ex-partner again.”

“I took your advice and answered the 7 questions patiently and with unwavering honesty. I ended up with 6 pages of pent-up feelings and opinions. After a hiatus of 3 long years, I’m finally communicating with my ex-partner again. I quickly realised there’s no more aggression in her tone. Which is a miracle and definitely a breath of fresh air. We managed to talk about past events but this time without any feelings of pain attached.

What we discovered as a way to move on and begin living in peace:

  • Let go of the need to prove the other wrong (self-righteousness)
  • Let go of the need to be apologized to (humility)
  • Let go of the need for revenge (forgiveness)
  • Let go of feeling fully responsible (guilt), yet acknowledge our part in the relationship, and forgive ourselves as well as each other
  • Let go of the need to receive permission from anyone to make change in our life

I don’t know what this will lead to but like I said, just being able to dialogue peacefully is a huge relief. I want to thank you for supporting me throughout this very challenging episode of my life. 

Josh, Pacific Region

A Template to design the Enterprise Architecture that enables the elegant coordination of people committed to bringing to life a purpose they care about

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This template has been incorporated into a legal trust and enabled a group of highly diverse strangers to co-create over the course of six months, a world-class event, without a single human upset and entirely self-managed.

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