Speed of change

When a river rushes down a steep mountain and meets a stationary boulder, it creates eddies and stagnation, turbulence and chaos.

The dissonance between that which is free-flowing and fast, and that which is steady and imperceptibly unchanging, is evident.

If in a relationship the speed of movement, flow and change is with only one person and the other person remains fixed, the relationship will fling apart or collapse into a heap.

What is required is the tension created when poles are maintained between the positive and negative charge. This holds the shape of the relationship.

A relationship that is merged into each other is an undifferentiated blob.

When our world exists in a field of fast-paced technological change that then interacts with very slow-paced technologies and institutions, we get tremendous dissonance. 

This might include the dissonance between innovative technologies and the slow-moving legal, governance and finance structures that underpin them, or the rapid pace of green energy solutions and the glacial pace of pricing carbon.

As the dissonance builds it will require a release, be that explosion or collapse.

This is how Universe re-orders. What we can do in preparation is notice those things and people who are moving fast and those things and people who are moving at a more glacial rate.

In the examination, we might begin to see the pattern of collapse or explosion and make adaptations as needed.

Universe works on resonance, frequency, sound, speed, pace, coherence and alignment.

Be it relationship or technology, the speed of change needs to be factored into the ability of any system to hold its shape.

August 12th 2019

Photo taken July 20th 2018