2:23AM is about enabling individuals to express their wholeness through enterprise that serves the well-being of all.

Hmm…so..as my life has been the model/playground/incubator/experiment for this…I need to look to me…the chief steward of 2:23AM, and how I am going at expressing my wholeness through 2:23AM that enables the well-being of all…including…drum roll…me.

I also need to look at what we are doing and if the artifacts we are creating are supporting this…

Here is the big lesson from last week.

If I am not in well-being, then nor is 2:23AM as a whole. Indeed if anyone who has an intimate involvement with 2:23AM is not in well-being, then that needs attention as a PRIORITY.

If I am not expressing the enterprise of 2:23AM in a way that serves the well-being of all, then we are off course.

We had been aiming for an event in Dublin Ireland, November 11th. I had gone to Ireland in August and connected with many wonderful people to support this event.

But it was not gaining traction. I was working my ass off to get interest. Not sleeping, pushing…trying…everything opposite to well-being for all.

On my Saturday run it hit me…everything we do is about invitation. Attraction. Not pushing. Not hard sales. Not seduction. Not manipulation. Not the usual marketing spin doctoring. None of that.

I had built some wonderful, rich relationships in Ireland, relationships that truly nourish my well-being. But the event we were to hold was too premature, the audience didn’t have the smaller pathways to build trust…the steps they could take so that when an invitation went out the answer was a definitive and immediate YES…

Everything about what we were ‘trying’ to do did not fit the core DNA of 2:23AM.

So we have postponed.

The question now becomes…how do we create smaller ways of engagement that builds trust, community, desire for more…in a natural and organic way?

There is no doubt in my mind that what 2:23AM is going to deliver will be so highly received, valued and loved. And…the community needs to know that before the invitation goes out.

I have also had to look at my overall well-being. In all domains. Sure I have amazing health, extraordinary relationships, knowledge up to the wazoo…, but the money is tight as all heck…and that needs to change.

As I was out running I had this image of a large table set for a feast…and my impulse was to wipe the table clean….and start with a fresh, empty table.

So…at 2:23AM…we do not cajole, manipulate, spin, hard sell, seduce…

We put out a signal into the community and there is either a yes…or a no…And if the signal that comes back is not a definitive no, but a something else…we pay attention to that…not to reduce our values or go off path, but to notice what is being called from the field.

Interestingly, after we postponed…a whole other field opened up. When we launch in Ireland…it will be as simple as breathing….

The ‘hard’ work is not about getting people in a room..it is creating a community and field of value such that when we invite, people don’t hesitate to say yes.

As to the expression of my wholeness…that is a work in progress. This week has highlighted how I need to bring other parts of me to my work…more play, more mischief…more yang…

Wonderful lessons, all.


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