Start something you cannot finish

The point of having an Evolutionary Purpose, a very large goal, a loon shot…includes knowing that you might not be around to see it finished.

An evolutionary purpose that transcends self in service to something larger than us ensures we do not fall back into the petty. It keeps us looking towards the distant future, the big blue sky…the possibility that we hold as worth giving almost everything.

Big goals, massively transformational purposes, forge our Souls in the fires of the journey towards. 

We are shaped and refined by the experience. 

We have to trust that our work will carry on when we are gone. That our choice of path is one that others also choose.

This is how we make a difference. It might not be our name in the history books, but our Souls are embedded in the paper on which history is written. 

We do not do it for fame, but for the purpose.

June 5th 2019 

Photo taken May 25th, 2019