Start with love

I love humanity.

All of it. The mess, the angst, the pain, and the incredible kindness.

A long time ago I knew I stood at a threshold of how to hold myself in life.

I knew I could choose to harden my heart, to build walls, to become the cynic.

I chose instead the path of naiveté. To remain somewhat childlike in particular circumstances, most especially when meeting people. To extend the hand of kindness, to hold the space for decency and respect.

True, I have been disappointed, deceived, lied to, betrayed. I have learned discrimination, sometimes in painfully slow ways.

Each time I get up and choose again. And each time, because of the magnificent kindness of most people, the choice is obvious.

Start with love, kindness, decency, respect.

Today, in my world, kindness abounds and I hold still to my truth that humanity is overwhelmingly good, even more so when we invite it in.

It starts with a smile and an open heart.

March 21st 2018

Photo Taken April 9th 2014