Steep learning curves

Have their advantages. 

The journey of learning when the learning is hard is a precious commodity rarely accounted for.

The learning asks of us to rise above the seemingly impossible, and in the doing, we find our own resources that we never knew we had.

If our path has an alignment and coherence with our purpose, it is not unusual for the field in which we journey to provide unforeseen meetings and opportunities that we can never plan for when we set out.

This is the magic. It lies within the commitment and truth of our journey.

Sometimes we do not choose the journey. It might choose us. There is, on some greater map, a rightness to this that we may never know.

The crucible of the experience has the capacity to burn up all that was not really ours, things and beliefs that might have attached themselves to our being as part of our upbringing.

To emerge on the other side there is a potential for a higher order of clarity, sovereignty and self-regard. 

Or we might let the journey reduce us. 

Find the thread that is real, no matter how tenuous it seems, and hold tight. The essential sovereign you have endurance and abilities that can make it through.

In the crucible of our hard journeys and steep learning curves is a truth that is worth finding, worth it all. Look for that.

July 29th 2019

Photo taken July 29th, 2019