Still point

A still point is found at the centre of even the most violent tornado.

When polarity exists, spirals are born. Spirals have their own still point around which the spiral emerges.

Finding our still point as a practise gives us a place to return to when the world we move in seems to be pulling us in one thousand directions.

Our still point is always available to us, even when we are lost in overwhelm, pain, breakdown, illness.

It is a place where the constancy of us, the whole of us, exists, steady, strong, eternal.

To connect with our still point is to simultaneously connect with the field of infinite possibility. They are not separate. 

Drop below the noise, drop below the emotions, drop below our inner violence, go to the well of the well of the well, where the river of our life runs pure and steady.

The gateway to our still point can be through mediation, a practise of art, writing, sport, being in nature, the ocean, a kiss….

Be there. Be that. Still… 

…as the storm rages around us. 

September 12th 2019

Photo Taken September 12th, 2019