Stress Sport

Some people just love the adrenalin hook. The drug of choice. 

When you just make it to catch a plane as the last call is being announced. To arrive at appointments, seconds to spare, or slightly late. To fill the day with wall-to-wall BUSY. Under the pump as a way of being.

Like living in a self-selected pressure cooker, our nervous system never has time to recover. 

Stress sport does carry a taint of self-importance. Too busy is far too often an excuse for saying no without actually saying no, or squeezing out any possible time for self-reflection – where the truth that is trying to grab your attention might be revealed. 

Life is stressful enough even when we do not play stress sport. To add another layer, through wilful design, is a lifestyle disease. It might sound cute, but it will turn around and bite you hard. Suffering health, broken down relationships, poor decisions, missed opportunities.

In the breathing space when we turn down the stress dial we might finally have a moment to have a conversation with ourselves about the call of our Soul. One of the most essential conversations. Requiring space…attention… self-love.

And those sunrises…to stand and watch them…nothing else to do, nowhere else to go….

An act of being alive as a part of the majesty of our beautiful home planet.

*Stress sport is a term I heard on a Tim Ferriss podcast.

July 31st 2019

Photo taken July 31th, 2019