Struggle struggle then boom

I am learning to surf, commencing this journey in my 6th decade.

I set the intention from the outset to be able to surf on a short board, which is the harder route. 

Snowboarding, another sport I enjoy, is easier. The mountain doesn’t move as you go down it, or change each time you ride it. 

I am surrendering to the process of learning, which is really all I can do.

Patience. Repeated. I have to want the outcome enough to endure the journey. Like most things in life.

Yesterday we visited friends whose thirty-year-old son had a terrible accident before Christmas. He has gone from a super fit young man to a quadriplegic, still on a ventilator, but hopefully soon able to breathe on his own. Everything about his and their life had changed. Patience doesn’t even get them off first base. Endurance is for life. Re-leaning pretty much everything most of us take for granted is where they are now.

Everything I am currently doing in work and play is crafted into perspective by touching their experience.

My surfing journey could be described as struggle, struggle, then boom. A window opens and skills click into place. 

Often times the window that opens to begin the boom opens with just the smallest crack.

I seize hold of that light. For light begets light.

Struggle struggle then boom is the way of the living Universe. Only the timing and sequence changes.

Photo taken January 19th 2023