I am not a sitting meditator. My distance running and swimming is my meditation.  As a 21 year 3x per week, 3.8 k per session squad swimmer I get ample time to eavesdrop on my thoughts. And sometimes, quite frankly, they are ridiculous. I have watched as I get stuck on the same loop of stupid thinking for over half an hour.

This morning for example, the pool I swim in was to shut at 7.30 am for a water polo comp. I came in early to be sure to be out in time. But on arrival, the sign had been changed to 7 am. I spent the majority of my swim plotting righteous schemes and angry retorts directed at the pool management for putting my life and plans out. Pathetic really. It’s only a swim, and it’s only one day. What a waste of an enjoyable time in the pool. What a waste of energy.

And what a great example of the amount of time we spend getting stuck on some stupid loop of idiot thinking that takes us away from enjoying the present.

As it happened, I finished my set, and was out of the water well in advance of the lane ropes being pulled up. All that plotting, scheming, ridiculous righteous anger for zero zip diddly squat.

We all do this to varying degree’s. The loop of stinking thinking ticks away in the background, most often below our conscious awareness.

Imagine if we could measure the amount of time each day we are stuck in these kinds of loops? How much energy and focus they consume? How much they take away from the things that really matter? Most of us would suddenly find we have all this massive amount of time, energy and focus suddenly available if we refused to get stuck in the loop.

And then you have people who get stuck in the drama’s of live. Their life becomes the quest to be righteous, vengeful…to win. They get their buzz from living the drama hook.

None of this advances your life and business. Unless your business is all about the trophy and scalp cabinet.

Throw out the stinking thinking. Life is too short.

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