Life is designed to flow. Stasis doesn’t exist in nature. Even things that may look to the human eye to be still, like a mountain, are in a state of movement. The only difference is the time with which we look at it.

Observe a mountain over 100,000 years and it is not the same mountain.

The still point is the point right at the centre of movement. It is a point to move through, not a place to stay.

When we recognise this, that all things are designed to flow, to move, to change, when we bring this to our work and life, nothing is ever going to stay as it is. Or as someone said…this too shall pass.

From that stuck place movement is required. It doesn’t matter what the movement, nor the direction. To have stuckness perpetuate because we do not know which way to go is only going to keep you stuck. Do something. Choose. Move. Even to choose to not move with a great deal of consciousness, is movement. This means you are inviting stillness. And stillness is different to stuckness.

Stuckness is not choosing.

To simplify, if you have 10 choices. Choose one and do it. Now. If it appears to be the wrong choice, change direction.

If you are confused and don’t feel you have any choice, dance. The movement itself will create choice. The movement is a choice.

Photo credit: Creative Commons License Kevin Dooley via Compfight