Stunned by truth

I am paraphrasing a quote from Krishnamurti about being sane in an insane world.

I wonder if my sense of sanity in a world hell-bent on self-destruction is indeed healthy.

I wonder how I can go about my days without falling into the pit of despair at what humans do to each other and our precious Earth and her creatures.

If it is true that we are fractals of fractals, that the belief that my individuality is completely untethered from yours is wrong, then everything I do, act upon, speak of, write and propagate into the world affects all of us. My cruelty to another is my cruelty to myself.

I wonder what else I can do. Maybe a bigger question is, what else am I willing to do? I push the edges of this question. 

Do I come out from behind my safe wall and speak to integrity even in the domains of danger? Where the arc of violence that will come back because of speaking will likely be a tsunami? 

Is this the place I am willing to go? How do I do this without being righteous? Can I speak as a steady stream of truth and integrity, holding others to account while focused on a thread of humanity I hope to find in the person propagating violence? 

I have sat in these questions for decades. I have observed others who seem to have found a way to do this. 

To be a clear voice for truth can only be done with a constant partnering with humility. It is from the dirt, the composting aliveness of death, that our voice for integrity must rise. When we do this, we speak for Earth, for her creatures, a transmission of humility (humus) arcing from our being – Earth herself – the place from which we came and will go.

The need to do this is driven from a desire for something far far greater than ourselves. In this need, we become Earth – or remember that we are Earth. All our small ‘self’ based fears, we leave behind. 

This is the rage, the roar, the cry that is yearning to be spoken. Mother telling her children to stop behaving like spoilt, drama-addicted, greedy, cruel brats.

And the children, stunned by truth, feel the shame.

Photo Taken October 21st  2023