Subtlety of our blind spots

The capacity for self-reflection is a sign of vertical development. Yet even our advancing skill in this area doesn’t eliminate our blind spots.

We say we want peace, and we then take such a stand against anything that we do not agree with such force that peace quietly and swiftly leaves the room.

We say we are stand for a world that is not us versus them, and yet we fight for our opinion and our stand and in so doing we perpetuate us vs. them.

As we evolve as humans the subtlety of our blind spots and contradictions become harder to discern in ourselves.

This is why we need coaches and mentors. Those trusted people not only see our contradictions, they also have both the courage and the capacity to point them out to us.

This applies to me as much as to anyone.

Choose your coaches wisely. Rather than being fawns of your ego, seek those who dare to care about the full propagation of your light, seek those who ask you to consider the parts of you still in shadow.


May 24th 2018

Photo Taken August 3rd 2014