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About The Summit

The Source Idea of the Summit came from Manuela Damant, a Syntropic Community member based in the Netherlands. Held in stewardship by Paula Kensignton in Australia, Manuela Damant in Europe, and Marianne Wyne in Canada, the Summit was a gathering of Syntropic Masterclass graduates and community members from around the world. 




P.O. Box 950, Surfers Paradise, Qld, 4217, Australia



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Sessions in order of the day

The Opening Ceremony

We commence with the sunrise over the Pacific on Yugambeh land, Gold Coast, South East Queensland. We celebrate all of those joining from lands around the world.

An Introduction to Syntropic World

Christine McDougall, Founder and Chief Steward of Syntropic World introduces you to the work we steward for a world with a future.

Building New Models for Agriculture

Connecting Humanity with Nature’s Principles
Through Regenerative Practice, Indigenous Culture and an Artist’s lens. Story-Telling & Deep-Listening facilitated by;
Rachelle Armstrong, Mila Alina, Sue Stolberger, Marianne Wyne

Intersections – Indigenous Wisdom, Cultural Change and Integral Theory

In the Syntropic Enterprise Masterclass, we teach Integral Theory – Adult development – Spiral Dynamics. Many people ask us how Integral Theory honours (or dishonours) Indigenous Wisdom and the Cultural development of humanity?

Do NOT do what they tell you to do in Business School

A conversation on Ownership Governance – the Right to Extract Value with Anna Bonan from Purpose Economy, and graduate of the Syntropic Masterclass.

Syntropic Finance – a panel discussion

Paula Kensignton facilitates a panel including Merchant Organics on the application of Syntropic Principles to finance. Plus Q@A

Oceania Regen

Floods, Fires and Finance. The reciprocity upgrade to unlock resilience in your people, purpose and mission. Benny Wallington, Bob Beth and Steve Brophy

When Nature and Syntropic Aligns Humans Thrive

Rebel Black, founder of the Rural  Women’s network, and Nikki Thompson yarn about the intersection of Nature and Syntropy.

Web 3.0 and Syntropy

Mark Treleaven, Christine McDougall and Murray Galbraith have a yarn about the emergence of Web 3.0 and the need for Syntropy

Handover to Europe

Christine McDougall and Manuela Damant On the search for new models?

Why Pattern Integrity Matters

Rosh Evans & Colleen Reichrath-Smith & Sherrie Hatfield – Why Pattern Integrity matters? Exploring Human Being and Social Being

Reinventing value creation, sustainability and new business models

Reinventing value creation, sustainability and new business models using an energy-based view of life Henk Hadders and Peter Tunjic

Life in Syntropy

Daniel Christian Whal and Christine McDougall discuss The place where Syntropic and regenerative agriculture meet.

The Future Of Work & Leadership

Niamh Gunn & Gillian French  Plus Q@A

Syntropic Stories from the foothills of Kilimanjaro

Sarah Scott tells Syntropic stories from the foothills of Kilimanjaro

Nature Speaking through the hand of an Artist

Sue Stolberger Nature Speaking through the hand of an Artist

Poetic Weaving

Dorothy Oger weaves her poetic magic to synthesise the summit so far.

Bright New World

Cindy Forde takes us on an experiential journey into the future

Catalysing a future of human and planetary well-being

Michael Smits and Michael Friebe speak on the future of health and our planet. Sandra Winterbach is the moderator.

Being the Light – embodying love in times of war

Daria Nashat and Aurica Pripa bring light and love to a dark world

Welcome to the Summit on the East Coast of America

The Moderator from Europe, Manuela Damant hands over to the Moderator Americas Marianne Wyne

Synergistic Accounting

One of the foundational models of the Syntropic Masterclass, Christine McDougall presents Synergsitic Accounting

Building a Syntropic Enterprise: Planetary CARE

Building a Syntropic enterprise: Planetary CARE with Marianne Wyne and Richard Ramsey

Syntropic Journey of Strategic Sustainability Management and a Regenerative Food

Jabeen Quadir presents her work on freeing food.

Poetic Weaving with Dorothy

Dorothy Oger leads a workshop on poetic weaving

An informal conversation for the Syntropicly curious

Ivan Jaramillo, a graduate of the Syntropic Masterclass and Synergistic Accounting Class speaks about the experience of being in the class and the community and the positive effect it’s had on our/ my life so far

The Rise of Feminine Leadership as an antidote to entropy

Manuela Damant, Sue Stolberger, Mila Aliana, Daria Nashat and Christine McDougall speak to the arising feminine.

Seeing You At Source discussion and Jam

Steve Brophy and Benny Wallington introduce us to Seeing You at Source, an intimate experience of the Synergistic Audit


Syntropic Living

Slow down.

Watch a tree grow.

Sense the present time

And the future it holds.

Embrace the pattern

For being simply you.

Create energy that flows

That moves as Life wants to move.

Imagine ten years from now

How beautiful it is

When we have trusted the brilliance

Inside children, inside each of us

Care for people to care

Be compassionate and listen

Listen to your body, to nature, learn.

Empower others for well-being too.

Be a light in dark times, ground yourself

Remember that you belong.

Together, create space for love,

For holding both unraveling and emerging

Gift your best work

And be rewarded, fully.

The tree is more than a tree.

The tree deserves love too.

Go back to Source, breathe,

Find your clear voice,

Step into stewardship,

And surf the life that dances.

Dorothy Oger

Brussels, Belgium, 1st of April 2022

Summary poem of the summary poem

Of The Syntropic summit 2022

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