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        Good Afternoon Christine,

        My friend Cherri describes you as being “absolutely brilliant”

        With the brilliance embodied in the short phrase below, you captured the magic and mystery I believe we all experience in life.

        It is so ethereal and hard to grasp and I suspect you may have a hold of it.

        I think it would be a gift and blessing to all of us if you would delve more deeply into this and share your insights.

        Thank you for the resilience and empowerment you have contributed to me.

        Warm Regards,

        Chuck T.

        “The field of Grace on the wings of Hope is one of the most significant forces operating in the world

        Like all things, she requires intentional cultivation within us and as an expression of what we say and do in the world.

        Without Hope, we are lost.”

        As almost always Christine, you’ve opened yourself up beautifully and exposed your own inner grace, elegance, insight and beauty. 

        I feel so privileged to be able to read your musings; this timespirit and this planet with you.
        Peter Lustig

        Your words resonated with every single cell in my body. I can feel that genuine human connection is truly sacred for and with you. Thank you for taking the time to ask for a personal reply and for reading it.

        Thanks as ever for your Sunday posting.

        There is much work to be done and yet…nature is calling. It is relentless.  It keeps calling us home. 

        May more hear and awaken so their/our homecoming can begin.
        Much love xx Eimer


        Sunday Syntropy is a weekly ode to a more beautiful world we know is possible through business and human coordination.

        I write them to inspire the infinite possibility we can create when we work together synergistically

        I write them to share stories from the many of us who are committed to Syntropic Enterprises for a world with a future

        I write them to connect to you, to create a wholehearted invitation to move towards Syntropy in your work and life.

        I write them with the help of others. Syntropic World is a community. We are better together

        I write them to challenge my own thinking – we all need that.

        Because nothing is more powerful than people coming together synergistically – we are better together


        For a Syntropic World