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Zero exploitation.
Zero extraction to extinction.
Zero colonisation.

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    Notes from the frontier: Practical examples of Syntropy in action, real-life stories, lessons learned, new models of Syntropic Enterprise explained.

    Articles I am reading to contemplate and inspire, reference to others teaching in the field, books that tilt our axis.

    Case Studies from the Syntropic Blue Community of Practice. (Syntropic Masterclass Graduates)

    …and from time to time I’ll invite you to sign up for Syntropic Masterclass and other classes our community offers.

    Always a beauty shot….because beauty changes the world.

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      Sunday Syntropy is a weekly ode to a more beautiful world we know is possible

      I write them to inspire the infinite possibility we can create when we work together synergistically

      I write them to share stories from the many of us who are committed to Syntropic Enterprises for a world with a future

      I write them to connect to you, to create a wholehearted invitation to move towards Syntropy

      I write them with the help of others. Syntropic World is a community. We are better together

      I write them to challenge my own thinking – we all need that.

      Because nothing is more powerful than people coming together synergistically – we are better together


      For a Syntropic World

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