To surrender – To give up, to deliver over. 

On one pole, we have helplessness, inertia, complete lack of resistance, care-lessness, disempowerment.

On the other pole, we have a fight-to-the-death, against all odds, endure, never give up.

The extremes of polarity are so clear to discern. They create a black and white world.

The in-between is complex. Nuanced. Contextual. 

To know when to surrender, stop, or capitulate is to speak fluency of kairos time, an emergent as yet unknown other story, and to be able to put behind us the significant investment made in holding on.

To surrender in healthy context is not to be ashamed. It is to know endings and beginnings as the larger story.

What might you need to surrender to today? Rest insisting on taking precedence? A relationship requiring an end? A business whoes time has come? A project that must be composted? 

Photo Taken August 29th  2023