Sweet anger harmful aggression

Aggression is towards someone or thing. It lashes out, seeking to diminish and shame. It wants to indicate power, but aggression is not fuelled by power, but rather by its absence. 

Anger in its purity asks us to act towards something that we care about deeply. It does not have to be towards a person or a thing. It can simply be, anger. It easily transmutes into aggression which is where the danger lies.

To feel anger, to be present to it, to inquire into its nature, its wants and needs, is to have anger become sweet. A powerful tool for our own transmutation. The impulse to take a stand for justice. The courage to speak.

Be not afraid of your anger. Like all emotions, it carries vital lessons, worthy of our attention and respect. Be aware when it turns upon others (or self) as aggression.

December 18th 2018

Photo taken December 18th 2018