Swirling stories, finding truth

I have good friends who believe, backed by substantial evidence, that the viral crisis that is seizing humanity is fabricated.

That social distancing is rubbish. 

Given my focus is entirely on how to emerge from this wormhole better as an entire humanity, I have chosen consciously to not spend my days exploring the many variations of theory.

There are a few things I know.

We can spend our days feeding the monster by feeding different stories.

We can argue till we are blue in the face.

Or we can turn and look to the world wanting to be birthed. The more beautiful world.

I know people who have lost loved ones to the virus. I can’t argue with images of makeshift morgues and the hundreds of dead each night….it is clear to me that our Australia Prime Minister is incapable of the kind of malice that could conjecture the level of conspiracy people imagine. Trump is clearly able to be manipulated with supreme ease by those who feed his ego. 

It is entirely possible that our science of virus’s is still in its infancy. That in ten or twenty years we might look back in wonder at our ignorance in the same way we now look back at the lack of hygiene in the days before we knew of bacteria.

The exploiters, the narcissists, the liars, manipulators and cheats will always be there. 

The question is…how much power do we give them, literally and metaphorically? And are we, in the doing, simply part of the game of re-arranging deck chairs on our Earth’s Titanic? To keep the game going, we need players…in the offence and defence. I am tired of this silly game. 

I know integrity when I see it. I know dignity. Respect. Love. Compassion.

No matter its origins, the episode in human history presents a restoration to simplicity. To consider what matters most. 

To know the power of a hug. Human touch. A voice over the phone reaching out.

My gaze is fixed firmly on the horizon, where these qualities are the generative functions of our home planet.

May 7th 2020

Photo taken May 7th, 2020