Synergistic Audit Syntropic World 2023

It is that time of year. 

There is much in my life to be grateful for.

I invite you to join me in a review of 2023 through a Syntropic lens, using the Synergistic Audit as the reference.

For this exercise, you do not need any context of the Synergistic Audit. Simply come along for the ride.


Here goes.

Considering 2023 from BOTH a business and personal perspective, answer these questions in each domain.

  1. What are you grateful for?
  2. What did you learn?
  3. Who helped you?
  4. How has this made a difference?

In the domain of things, stuff, matter

Christine: On December 1st 2022, we moved into our home. It was my first home that was in my name. Being a first-time homeowner happened in my 62 nd year. Never too old to start. I am grateful every day for our home, its sanctuary, the birds who keep us endlessly entertained, and the opportunity to have friends and family stay. 

The books I read that have added dimension to my life this year are.

Naomi Klein Doppelgänger. I am deeply fascinated by how smart people get trapped in conspiracy theories. The research and meta-coverage of the terrain that Naomi has provided make my job so much easier.

Tyson Yunkaporta – Right Story, Wrong Story. Weaving the indigenous wisdom thinking and using physical tools as a metaphor I loved Tyson’s second book, where he also addressed conspiracy theories. Wrong story has a rottenness to it. Tyson brings out his wonderful trickster character in the writing of this book. Is he being satirical, or is that a gut punch? Probably the latter, but easier to stomach wearing a humorous cloak.

Stacey Simms – Next Level. This is a book for mature, super-fit women. I have been an endurance athlete for most of my adult life, yet when it comes to women, menopause fitness and research. Crickets. Until Stacey. Based on her work, I have changed my entire training regime. No more twenty-kilometre runs every Saturday. Instead, I now do hard short interval training, plyometrics, and heavy weights. I aim to stay strong as I age. That takes a commitment.

In the domain of currency – money, debt, time, flow

Syntropic World: It has been a good year for Syntropic World. 

Now entering our fifth year, my commitment has been to organic growth to get the foundations in place. I have always felt that there will come a time when Syntropic World will go exponential. Exponential requires strong foundations.

One of the Masterclass graduates asked me to create a program last year to meet their needs. This program became A Year of Syntropy (AYOS), and it has become the place I like to play the most. Why? It is about me supporting entrepreneurs in implementing the Syntropic tools as they build their enterprises. It is very hands-on and very synergistic. Most of all, it creates Syntropic Results.

I just got word of this from one AYOS graduate, Sarah Scott. What a way to end the year. The Kilimanjaro Project has been selected as one of two projects to join Africa’s first biodiversity accelerator hosted by BIRA


Another grad, Benny Wallington, is bringing back his powerful 101 Tokens – a fantastic tool for people who want to drink less.


Syntropic World has a policy of never saying NO to someone who seeks a scholarship because of low or lack of financial means. There is an application process. We never give our work away, as to do that debases it. 

Those who go through the application process for a scholarship have become some of our most valued contributors. 

In the domain of Knowledge 

I read this morning that a teacher loves to teach because they are constantly learning as they teach, from their students and the questions students ask. This is true for me. I LOVE learning. 

And I LOVE great questions. Students who ask questions make me a better teacher—even the tricky or contrary questions. I love them all. 

This is why I have refused, to date, to run classes where you watch the video and then we chat. Live classes are my passion – each one is different because of the cohort present.

As mentioned previously, I am learning about entrapment in conspiracy, about the webs of lies that live in a con. 

I am also learning about white supremacy and white privilege and confronting the terrible truth of the past in Australia and other colonies. 

I am learning, ongoing and always, about our finance, monetary and economic systems. 

I continue to learn to be a better Mum to Natalie, although she teaches me more. 

And I am loving the learning of being in an intimate, deeply connected partnership with my beloved, Tony. This is our fourth year of being together. Our biggest test – though so minor in and of itself – came in Japan when we were both totally lost in language, direction and navigation. I witnessed my need to feel right and how our collective rightness headbutted against the wisdom of pausing. 

In the domain of artefacts and tools

Syntropic World – a team have been working on the Synergistic Accounting tool and turning it into an app. It has been a steady process, more about removing than adding. It is understanding rather than rushing. During this, it has become apparent that the tool has many use cases. 

If you missed the two experiences from the Syntropic Community on how they used the Synergistic Audit for recruitment, watch these 2-minute videos below.



We have delivered three Syntropic Enterprise Masterclasses, two Synergistic Accounting Classes, and two Dare to Care workshops.

We also introduced the first Trust Manifesto Creation workshop with the help of Benny Wallington.

If you want to see a beautiful example of a Trust Manifesto created by the fabulous Cindy Forde from Planetari, you can download it here.

Planetari Trust Manifesto

Speaking of Benny Wallington, Benny created an experiential tool, Source Jam, a facilitated session on connecting to our Source Idea. Super powerful. For more information and to set up a session 


In the domain of Warm Data

Every day, I get to work with GREAT people. What a privilege.

HUGE thanks to the beautiful Colleen Reichrath-Smith for her editing of Sunday Syntropy. Having Colleen on the team gives me a sense of calm and groundedness. 

My team working on the Synergistic Audit tool. 

Benny Wallington is always adding froth and integrity.

Murray Galbraith – opens the field for creativity.

DJ Carey is a note taker, concept maker, envelope pusher, pragmatic creative, and has the most experience building teams and businesses.

The Syntropic Blue Community – the super team of contributors and generous champions

Colleen Reichrath-Smith – wholehearted and steady. The best career coach I know.

Daria Nashat – transmits beauty and kindness in all things.

Ora Evans – queen of integrity and truth, never holds back, and makes us better because of it.

Henk Hadders – the forever student, reminds us to dismiss age and get on with things. 

Michael Friebe – keeps us grounded. Brings in diversity of thinking. Scientist, author, trekker. 

Kath Martsch – heart, heart and heart. Plus, connection to Nature. Land. Indigenaity.

Nikki Thompson – the wise weaver of all things. Incredibly widely read.

Kimberly Wilson – our engineering creative. That combines maths and art uniquely, with an extra dose of wholeheartedness.

Sue Stolberger – gets us back on track every time. Remember who we are. Nature. Beauty. Wisdom.

Solomon Felos – is always worth listening to. Wisdom and experience weaved with culture and history.

Rachelle Armstrong – pouring love into the much-needed space of regenerative agriculture.

Marianne Wynne – Stewarding living regenerative soil projects.

Aurica Pripa – brings such wisdom around the topics of culture, politics and health.

The crew from A Year of Syntropy for 2023

Paula Kensington- kicking ass in the world of accounting and finance.

Paul Epping – loves to learn and loves to give. One of the biggest hearts in Syntropic World. Working hard to have Africa feed itself.

Robyn Ghaui – moving each day into her greatness, supporting companies to do the same. 

Paul and Reinould – changing company culture from fear to love.

Benny and Murray – integrity + creative + Syntropic tools = companies who become the full measure of what they set out to be.

Nikki and Peter Thompson bring humanity home to the land and the soul of their being through soil and connection.

Sarah Scott and her team in Tanzania – treeing Tanzania, and much more. (As above)

Everyone who took a Syntropic Class

Thank you for participating, for your generosity, for your fabulous questions, and for the delightful challenges. 

Those who read Beauty of Beginnings

Some of you have been readers from the beginning – six years ago now. 2,190 articles written. Plus a sunrise photo. Sign up here.

I love hearing from you when an article lands for you. 

Those who read or listen to Sunday Syntropy

It takes us about a day to put this together each week. I am grateful to anyone who reads what I write.

My friends and family

I am better because of you.

Natalie, my daughter, my teacher. Beautiful, creative, kind, and so thoughtful. 

My love, my best friend and my adventure buddy, Tony. Everything is possible because of you. I am kinder, more thoughtful and smarter because of you.

This year Syntropic World says goodbye to some of our community.

Lara Boyer, someone I have known since my twenties, passed this year after an unexpected and terrible illness. 

Sally-Ann Townsend – one of the founders of Outland Denim and a massive advocate for ending slavery, passed this week after a horrid battle with breast cancer. Sally was an advocate for Syntropic World and the most beautiful spirit. She was light personified. 

In the domain of well-being

Christine – Surfing. Now, in my third year of learning to surf, I am finally beginning to make progress. Talk about a steep learning curve. In February, I caught the biggest wave yet, in Bali. It has been both a huge challenge and a delight. I was out this morning before sunrise (which currently happens at 4.39 AM) and, at one point, considered how surfing with my love allowed me to be fully present to the water, the day, the wave, and the time. Nothing else exists.

My strength and fitness – I am not happy that I am losing speed in the pool (a squad swimmer of 35 years) and on the run. Hard to get used to this age thing. I am happy that my strength and my plyometrics are improving. 

It was a big year for us as Tony went through Open Heart surgery to repair a mitral valve. That took significant focus and attention from diagnosis in March, Surgery in August and the all-clear in November. On the plus side, we have all our financial affairs, wills and such in place. And Tony is feeling better than he has in a long while. 

Our trip to Japan was a rich experience: well-being + knowledge + warm data.

Syntropic World – is healthy. She is still in her early infancy and shows signs of opening her wings. 

We are supported now by a virtual assistant, giving me time to focus on where I can contribute most.

NOW, consider 2024

What are the INTENTIONS you hold for 2024?

In the domain of matter?

Since Syntropic World is a virtual enterprise, we do not need much matter and stuff. 

I intend to get our first book into the world. Beauty of Beginnings. This has been a work in progress, with the bulk of the hard work almost complete. Expect news in the first quarter of the year.

In the domain of currency?

We intend to get the work of Syntropic World to more people. Particularly those who might not have normal access, including people from the global south, refugees, and young adults. If you can help us do this, please email me. 

Our financial model is based on those who can pay for classes to enable those who cannot pay. The average is 1/3 to 1/2 of the class are scholarships – partial or complete.

The second Dare to Care workshop of 2024 will be led by two Syntropic Community members, Colleen Reichrath-Smith and Nikki Thompson. I aim to have other programs run by the community, with the Masterclass being the last to be handed over. 

My focus will be on the following in ever-increasing ways. 

  1. A Year of Syntropy – supporting the build of Syntropic Enterprises and teams.
  2. More public speaking and podcasting. I am OPEN to speaking at events. Let me know if you are looking. 
  3. Getting the first of several books published.
  4. Working with enterprises worldwide to introduce Syntropic Principles and doing this with the support of coaches from Syntropic World.
  5. Enabling Syntropic Blue Community members to become more engaged with the stewardship of Syntropic World and paying them to do so.
In the domain of Knowledge

I intend to increase my money, currency, economics, and finance knowledge. If the timing is correct, we want to create a Global Finance Game – similar to Bucky Fuller’s World Game so that participants have an embodied understanding of our current system and, from there, play a game to create a different model.

I plan to increase my knowledge of Syntropic application and cultural differences by bringing in more diversity. We have graduates now in 27 countries. However, these are all English speaking.

I am always working on my knowledge of being a steward leader of a Syntropic Enterprise. I want this to expand to a place where I lead teams and build a viable enterprise that supports people to be brilliant.

The intention is to return to bringing guests to speak at public online events in 2024.

Personally, I hope to be able to increase my surfing skills to a shorter board. 

In the domain of Artefacts and tools

The Synergistic Accounting tool, or app, needs to be birthed. 

In the domain of Warm Data

Relationships and contexts are integrally crucial to Syntropic World. How do you scale intimacy and connection? 

This question always sits with me as my time becomes more focused. 

Adventure and challenge are another aspect. 

I intend to travel to places where we have thriving Syntropic Community members to meet in person. 

My best intention in this space is for more and more case studies and stories of Syntropic Applications.

In the domain of well-being

It is the year of strength and transmission. Strength not to dominate but to be an even more fierce stand for integrity and humanity.

Transmission – our message is a transmission of greater strength, reaching those seeking it.

I have a trip planned to Wellington, New Zealand, in February with my daughter and then a long weekend with Natalie and Tony touring the Wellington wine region.. 

If you are in the Wellington area, please reach out so we can meet.

Tony and I booked a surfing holiday to Sri Lanka in March. Again, please let me know if you are in Sri Lanka and would like to meet in person.

My physical exercise every day remains a high priority. 

Summary of 2023.

In some ways, it was a confronting year, facing Open Heart surgery as a couple and the exhaustion that comes with that. Despite all of that, it has been a good year.

My word for 2024 is transmission. To help more people learn the tools we teach in Syntropic Enterprise that enable better businesses, teams, communities, and people’s ability to stand in their value and never be exploited again. And so much more. For a world with future for Earth and all her creatures.