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March 15th 2022 – best for Europeans and Australians |Online – APPLY

A short overview of the Syntropic Advanced program

What we cover

Steward Leadership

A deeper dive into what is required in your own development to become a steward leader able to dance between the tension of the now and the incoming future, as you hold the Pattern Integrity of your Source Idea.


More of the Syntropic Generalised Principles

Principles such as ephemeralisation, leverage, interference, multiplication by division, syntropy, gravity, currency, tensegrity. All with an exploration of practical application.

Synergistic Accounting

Practical deployment of this powerful tool to change our relationship with value, reciprocity, exchange and provisioning.


Why space has shape

To know human relational geometry is to know the geometry of space. We will build the models that demonstrate that there is a archietcture to how we create ecologies that enable synergy.


Clarification of and fully embracing your Source Idea, Pattern Integrity and Evolutionary Purpose

Clearly knowing the stand you seek to make through your life and your expression through application.


Deploying your version of the Trust Manifesto

Ensure your Trust Manifesto adaptation is comprehensively designed to hold the shape of your enterprise.



Rave Reviews

With graduates in 24 countries we are delighted to share amazing reviews from the incredible people around the world committed to creating and building Syntropic Enterprises.

Colleen Reichrath-Smith


“I loved the opportunity to continue the Syntropic Journey, digging deeper into the principles and gaining more understanding as I recognised them in my life and applied them further. I think it’s an extremely valuable next step to flame the spark of possibility that the Syntropic Master Class ignited.”

Murray Galbraith

Gold Coast Australia

If you’re hungry to expand your horizons and deepen your comprehension of Syntropic principles, this class is the next logical step.

It wasn’t easy, but that’s exactly the point. Nothing valuable ever is.

I’ve been collaborating with two fellow graduates remotely across the world since we finished this class. 

Having a shared, immersive vocabulary really helps us bond and continues to frame up our work each week.

Together we can create enterprise for a world with a future:

  • this will be the 2nd round of Syntropic Immersion
  • a combination of a much deeper dive and expanded learning plus practical application to your enterprise
  • limited to 12 participants to ensure an integrated experience
  • deeply interactive, designed for those who are stewarding a Source Idea to life
  • holding each other to our best, to account, to our Evolutionary Purpose
  • the accelerated acceleration you might need to reach escape velocity
  • and all the while recording the stories, the experiences and the precession to support others on the journey
  • coaching support from Syntropic Immersion Graduates

March 15th 2022| Online. 12 weeks. Apply

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Reaching escape velocity together


6 Monthly Payments

US, Euro, £, Aus
417 /6

Select your currency. (Or closest local currency to yours.  

As Syntropic Masterclass Graduates we offer you the opportunity to pay in different forms of value by completing the Synergistic Audit specifically for the Immersion Program. The monetary value is set as a signal of appropriate value. If you are able to easily pay the full fee we welcome that too.

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