Syntropic Lab


A three month program


To create or re-engineer a Syntropic Enterprise


The Syntropic Enterprise Masterclass is a prerequisite. Register for the Masterclass

Two hours per week, Zoom

Limited to 24 people

Advanced Models

Deep application to your enterprise

Assigned to teams of 3

Off line commitment of 2-6 hours per week 


Bring the Syntropic Enterprise Masterclass in House

Not sure? Attend an Alumni + Open call


Completion of Syntropic Masterclass + A Source Idea wanting to be brought to life


Intention | Outcomes for new Enterprises

Aligned Source Idea, Evolutionary Purpose and clear artification of Pattern Integrity

The enterprise architecture that will hold the shape of your enterprise – the Trust Manifesto equivalent

Provisioning in action through application of Synergistic Accounting

The creation of the legal entity that supports your Source Idea and its Pattern Integrity

The Founding Team


Book Christine to Speak at your event

For existing enterprises

What can you expect?

Deep reconnection with your Source Idea and its Pattern Integrity, and your Evolutionary Purpose

The evolution of you as Steward Leader

The creation of the enterprise archtiecture that supports the future of your enterprise

The strategy for implementation

Don’t be left behind

Financial Fee

Either 3500 or Pay What you can, or want

3500 in your currency (Euro, Pounds, $US, $AUS) 

Or, Pay what you can and contribute in other ways through Synergistic Audit

Or, pay more and sponsor attendance.

Pay monthly or in full.


Become a steward leader of your Syntropic Enterprise

For a world with a future

Develope your Steward Leadership capacity

Create self managed deliberately developmental high functioning teams

Apply the principles of Syntropic Enterprise

Discuss strategy, evolve communication skills

Become a better human, parent, partner, citizen

The greatest exponential technology is thoughtfully designed human relationships

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