Returning Graduates to the Syntropic Masterclass


As a Syntropic LIVE Masterclass graduate you are invited to return to participate in the Syntropic Masterclass


This is an act of radical generosity as we are aware that the material covered in the Masterclass can take time to integrate.


Before you register, we request you read the following and agree to the terms and conditions.

Please familiarise yourself with the Syntropic Masterclass schedule before registering. Be sure you are clear about the dates and times of the class. We request that you commit to attending six of the eight classes in person. The LIVE Masterclass is a collective experience. Your contribution matters.

If you can attend six of the eight classes LIVE, we also invite you to agree to the following:

  • Bring your wholehearted participation to the Masterclass. Your questions and perspectives will add a rich dimension to the class.

  • Be respectful of the experience of the first-time participants.

  • Agree to the regular class agreements. You can read these below.

If you can commit to these agreements, we invite you to register using the link below.

You are invited to attend the LIVE Masterclass as often as you desire. If you have the means, you are also invited to contribute financially to the class.


A typical Syntropic World class accepts about one-third of its participants on a scholarship. If you have the means to sponsor a participant or make a contribution towards a scholarship, of any amount, we invite you to do so.



Gifting Abundance


At Syntropic World we never deny access to any of our programs based on the inability to pay in dollars.

Our signature program, The Syntropic Enterprise Masterclass, is priced to be accessible – delivered On-demand $ or Live by Zoom $$$

The work behind Syntropic World is more than thirty years of commitment to how we as humanity can create a more beautiful world for earth and all her creatures, honouring the lineage of hundreds of years of thinking and design by such luminaries as Buckminster Fuller and so many others, including Nature herself.

We remain committed to the integrity of this work, for which we joyfully dedicate our love, time, thought, and constant inquiry and emergence. Each month Christine dedicates hundreds of hours to writing, teaching, mentoring and supporting a Syntropic World.

Part of our experiment is to demonstrate that when we model enterprise in coherence to the laws of Universe, and in doing remain in integrity in all domains, our endeavours are supported generously in all domains.

If you find this work aligned with the future you hold possible, please consider becoming a Syntropic Patron.

Payments are in four currency options + Australian Tax 10% Thank you.

$5 / month

$10/ month

$25 / month

$50 / month

$100 / mth


$60 / year

$120/ year

$300 / year

$600 / year

$1200 / year


$5 / month

$10 / month

$25 / month

$50 / month

$100 / month

$1000 / month

$60 / year

$120 / year

$300 / year

$600 / year

$1200 / year


One time payment any amount

Sponsor a Masterclass attendee $875 

Other forms of contribution

As I register to return to the Syntropic Masterclass I agree to the conditions mentioned on this page. If I have a change of circumstances, I will notify Syntropic World of these changes with respect to the class participants and Christine. 

Class rules and agreements

The experience of the Syntropic Classes is a collective one. We practice synergy, where everyone is better for the experience of participation.

This means we hold a clear intention for each individual to have a rich and valuable experience of the class while also contributing to the greater experience of the whole.

Therefore please respect the opportunity for everyone to speak. Be precise and concise with your questions or comments.

Questions and insights are encouraged.

Check in with yourself before you ask a question or make a comment that your questions and comments will be valuable not just to you, but to the whole.

When you raise your hand (either physically or via the button) Christine will invite you to unmute. She will do this in a way that ensures everyone has a chance to speak and contribute. You may not always be invited to unmute and speak if you have previously done so and others have not.

If you have an issue raise it either in the class or with Christine directly.

Disrespect, severe disruption, or comments made that are not in the context of the class, will be addressed using the principles of Clean Communication. Resolution of any issue of disrespect or disruption will be raised privately.

You agree to follow community guidelines and will not share, circulate or reproduce materials or proprietary information from this program without permission. If the material is in the Creative Commons you may share with attribution.

You also agree to respect the identities, privacy, and confidentiality of other participants and will not share screenshots, recordings or information disclosed in our group spaces with other parties unless permission has been granted.

To protect the space and each other, participants who do not uphold these requirements may have their access to community spaces or participation revoked.